Auger Cast Piles

Auger cast piles are vibration free foundation piles that can be rapidly installed and are highly cost efficient in comparison to other piling options. Auger cast piles are capable of carrying working loads up to 200 tons and lengths up to 140 feet or more depending on soil conditions. Smooth, powerful augers can install piles close to adjacent buildings and underground utilities without the risk of ground heave or settlement of existing foundations.

Installed by soil extraction, continuous flight auger cast piles are available in a range of 12" – 42" diameters. First, the auger advances to the depth determined by geotechnical design requirements, removing little, if any, soil. Concrete is then pumped under pressure down the hollow stem of the auger to the bottom of the hole. Once pumping starts, the auger is progressively withdrawn, bringing soil with it. These carefully-controlled, simultaneous operations maintain the drilled hole profile. Using a high cement concrete and a plasticizing additive ensures complete integrity of the pile, even in very unstable ground.

When the auger and its load of soil are finally removed, reinforcement is placed in the concrete pile to meet design requirements.Hardman Construction’s quiet and efficient auger cast drilling equipment is beneficial for use in even the most sensitive neighborhoods since the noise and vibration associated with driven piles are eliminated. Concrete mixing and pumping operations can be located away from the point of drilling, resulting in minimal disturbance in congested areas. Using our specialty equipment, auger cast piles can be installed in areas with restricted headroom by adding additional auger sections to achieve greater pile lengths.

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