REO Town Power Plant

REO Town Power Plant
Lansing Board of Water & Light
Location: Lansing, MI

The new Multi-Million Dollar Lansing Board of Water & Light - REO Town Place Power Plant originally required the installation of approximately 919 ea. 50 Ton Driven H-Piles with an average depth of 42’. At bid time we offered an alternate to perform a design build to install an equal number of Augercast Piles that were ultimately accepted and offered a savings of over $400,000.00. The change to augercast piles saved the owner significant money as well as eliminating the risk of noise & vibrations to the neighboring houses. Ultimately this saved additional money as there was no disruption to the neighbors that were across the street in all 4 directions. Our contract was a direct contract for the Augercast Piles which was held by The Christman Company. Augercast Piles were selected due to their ability to be vibrationless during installation and at a significant reduction to noise vs. driven piles, & the cost advantages over other deep foundation systems.. The scope of services was the installation of augercast piles around the existing site and drilling a minimum of 5’ into the dense hardpan that was on the site. The project required that we work 5 or 6 days a week, with multiple mobilizations in order to meet the delivery schedule. Due to the site conditions, weekly meeting with project managers were held throughout the project, and daily activity meetings with the site superintendent were required. The project included the installation of 1,064 ea. Augercast Piles for a total length of 45,475 LFT. We performed 2 Compression Pile Load Tests, 2 Tension Load Tests, and 2 Lateral Load Tests to verify the differing design loads. The project was started in the Fall of 2011, and is expected to be online in the early part of 2013. Our services were completed on time, within the original schedule, and contract value for our work.

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