Hollywood Casino

Location: Toledo, OH
Contract Value: $2.7 million

The Hollywood Casino is being built on the south side of the Maumee River in Toledo, OH west of I-75 on a brownfield site. Hardman Construction installed 635 H-Piles ranging from 190 to 300 tons for the garage and main building foundation. Ground Conditions The existing soil conditions were unsuitable for support of the new building. There was 75’ of loose material, with some fill material in the top 20’. Below this there was a layer of cobbles, then hard pan at around 90’. Foundation Solution H-Piles were selected since they had the ability to be driven through the numerous cobbles and boulders that existed on the site and also due to the presence of contaminate spoils that could not be brought to the surface and relocated to another site. PDA testing was performed on-site to validate the hammer selection in conjunction with pile load tests that had been performed prior to the bidding of the project. A total of 635 H-Piles were installed for the building foundation in a span of seven weeks to allow for the footings and grade beams to be poured prior to winter weather. The project was bid in August, started in September completed by the end of October, 2010. The project was a prime bid package and was awarded to Hardman Construction. The total price of the H-Piles including material was approximately $2.7 million.

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